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Welcome To The Radio Enthusiast Web Site of. Radio Enthusiast was established to help radio listeners of every interest get the most out of monitoring. The focus of this site is information and reviews on radio-related resource: books, web sites, equipment, discussion forums, and more. The goal is to help you find the wide range of information and material you can use to improve your radio explorations. The most successful releases have been on courses. Also, a lot of calls from listeners has been on the program. A line drawn from the faculty lecture, was declared the best!

The site also contains a section focusing on radio in greater Seattle, Washington, USA the geographic home of Radio Enthusiast.

"Radio" isn't what it used to be. The march of electronic technology is changing how audio communications are delivered. What was for decades delivered solely through analog signals sent over the airwaves is slowly - but inescapably - being transformed. Today, analog broadcasting is beginning to be replaced (or at least complimented) by digital broadcasting, internet radio, and other delivery methods. Though I am a longtime enthusiast of (and have a somewhat romantic notion about) analog radio, Radio Enthusiast endeavors to cover the full range of spectrum, both old and new. Electronic communication of the music and the spoken work have played a central role in our history and development. It will continue to do so, whether delivered by shortwave radio, the web, or via a digital satellite hundreds of miles above us. The medium is not the message, it is the messenger. Radio Enthusiast helps you find what you want and need about both message and messenger.

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